Tentative Program (updated February 15)

March 29, 2010

Monday Workshop
10:00-10:05Welcome Remark
10:05-10:45Takashi MatsuyamaOpening Keynote: i-Energy - Informationization of e-Power Flows
Kyoto University
10:45-11:15Nobuo MatsuoAC/DC Hybrid Wiring System
Panasonic Electric Works Co.,Ltd.
11:15-11:45Shinsuke NiiDemand and Supply Control of Kyoto Eco-Energy Project (KEEP)
Fuji Electric Systems Co.,Ltd.
Poster Session, Lunch, and Networking
13:10-13:40Takashi HikiharaPower Router and Packetization for Smart Home Electric Energy Management
Kyoto University
13:40-14:20Takekazu KatoiEnergy: Cooperative Distributed Energy Flow Estimation and Control
Kyoto University
10 min break
14:30-15:40Igor MezicAfternoon Keynote: Integrated, Energy-Efficient Design
UC Santa Barbara
15:40-16:20Bryan EisenhowerDissecting the Complex Dynamics of Operational Building Data and their Simulation Models
UC Santa Barbara
10 min break
16:30-17:20Zheng LiEnergy Saving Strategy for China
Tsinghua University
17:30-19:00Workshop Reception
19:00-Night Cheery Blossom (Private Schedule)

March 30, 2010

Tuesday Workshop
9:30-10:20Pete ToddMorning Keynote: From Distribution to Consumption - The Next Wave of the Smart Grid
Teridian Semiconductor Corporation
10 min break
10:30-11:20Ivica ToljanStatic and Dynamic Analysis of Expanding the European Electric Power System
Croatian Energy Market Operator
11:20-12:00T. John KooHybrid Systems Approach to the Design of Power Network
Chinese Academy of Sciences
12:00-12:30Yoshihiko SusukiDynamical Systems Approach to the Analysis of Power Network
UC Santa Barbara and Kyoto University
Sightseeing in Kyoto (Private Schedule)

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