Takashi Hikihara Japanese Page

  • Professor, Kyoto University
  • Director of Library Network, Dean of Main Library, Kyoto University (2012.10-2014.9, 2014.10-2016.9, 2016.10-2018.9, 2018.10-2020.9))
  • Chair person of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2014.4-2016.3)
  • Department of Electrical Engineering (Advanced Electrical Systems Theory Lab)

Mail Address : hikihara.takashi.2n +"@"+ kyoto-u.ac.jp

Research Field

  • Applied Mathematics in Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Electrical Engineering (power electronics, power network engineering, etc)
  • System Control
  • MEMS

Research Projects

Nonlinear Dynamics and Science

  • Analysis of nonlinear system
  • Control of nonlinear system
  • Reachability analysis of nonlinear system
  • Applications of nonlinear coupled resonators
  • Network dynamics

Electric Power Network and System

  • Application of distributed power sources,
  • Power packetization and routing

Power Processing and System Control

  • Applications of wide bandgap semiconductor power devices,
  • Development of high frequency gate drives and its applications

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

  • Control of scanning probe microscopy
  • Manipulation of nano particle by AFM,
  • Coupled MEMS sensor, Mechanical computing

Emergent Topics

  • Energy and Entropy
  • Reservoir Computing
   Whale in Okinawa (2008.March)

Primary Courses under Charge

Graduate Course

  • Applied Mathematics for EE (2019 Spring)
  • Applied Hybrid System Engineering (2018)

Undergraduate Course

  • Theory of vibrations and waves (2019 Spring)
  • Power Electronics (2019 Spring)
  • Power System Engineering (2019 Fall)

Research Publications

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