Presenter's Guide

Posted 10/19/2011

Contributed Talks

The duration of each contributed talk is 25 minutes (20-min presentation plus 5-min discussion). Please bring your own laptop computer with an appropriate presentation tool. If you are not able to bring your own computer (e.g. you would like to use over-head projector), please contact the symposium desk ( If you have any question, please feel free to ask the symposium desk.

Poster Presentations

Two different opportunities for each poster presenter are provided: 3-min short oral talk and 2-hour poster presentation.

The short oral talk is assigned in Session 15 (17:35-18:35, Wednesday) before the poster presentation. For your short talk, you are required to make a 3-page presentation file with the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) and to email it to the symposium desk ( by NOVEMBER 23. Please keep the deadline, because we need to collect all of files into one file for unimpeded progress of short talks. Also, please do not send any file with MS-PowerPoint format. An example file of the presentation material is available (fileexample.pdf).

The poster presentation is assigned in Session 16 (18:35-20:30 on the same day of the short talk). Poster boards are 210-cm (82-in) high by 90-cm (35-in) wide and can accommodate posters of up to A0 size (119-cm (48-in) high by 84-cm (33-in) wide). Tools for attaching posters to boards (push pins, etc.) will be supplied. Also, your poster board will be marked with your abstract ID such as P20. If you need another tool such as desk and chair, please contact the symposium desk.

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