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Laboratory of Advanced Electrical Systems Theory


Welcome to the website of laboratory of Advanced Electrical Systems Theory of Department of Electrical Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan. The university is ranked in top 100 at QS and Router's Most Innovative University.

Currently, we are working on applications of nonlinear dynamics and control into engineering, including power conversion and processing, nano-mechanical systems, and power networks. Our research covers from fundamental science to system through device design. Collaborations between universities have been held flexibly in world wide depending on topics.



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To Students from PI

Our standpoint is not the same as usual power electronics and motor drive related approach, and power engineering. Standard researches on power systems are out of our research field. Then, we will be not able to accept such students who intend to study them. This is because such applications are currently far from PhD degree anymore. Once again, in the current phase of our research, power engineering fields, including conventional power system engineering and vanilla power electronics, are out of the scope. Students who have backgrounds of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Physics, and Control Theory are encouraged to request. Power system engineering is out of scope.

We are closing our lab to the applicants of research students because of the capacity of supervising, temporarily.


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