The list of 70 contributors (corresponding authors for short abstracts and special lectures) in the IUTAM symposium on 50 Years of Chaos is the following. Thank you for your interest on the symposium. (Updated October 22, 2011).

Adachi, ShizukoChaotic Streamlines in Steady Cavity Flows
Aihara, KazuyukiChaos and its Applications
Ario, IchiroHierarchical Structural Analysis for the Multi-folding Structures with Hill-top Bifurcation Points
Balachandran, BalaNoise-enhanced Response of Nonlinear Oscillators
Budisic, MarkoErgodic Coordinates for a Perturbed Hill's Spherical Vortex Flow
Cao, QingjieNon-hyperbolic equilibria of SD oscillator
Cvitanovic, PredragGeometry of State Space in Plane and Pipe Flows
Daido, HiroakiDynamics of Large Ensembles of Coupled Active and Inactive Oscillators
Eckhardt, BrunoTurbulence Transition in Shear Flows: Chaos in High-dimensional Spaces
Funakoshi, MitsuakiChaotic Mixing by a Flow in a Curved Pipe
Gottlieb, OdedChaos in Thermo-visco-elastic Systems Subject to Laser Irradiation
Harayama, Takahisa (Sunada, Satoshi)Theory and Experiments of Fast Non-deterministic Random Bit Generation Using On-chip Chaos Lasers
Hata, ShigefumiStochastic Phase Reduction for Noisy Limit-cycle Oscillators
Hirata, YoshitoTypical Chaotic Dynamics in Squid Giant Axons
Hisakado, TakashiConnection from Single-Phase to Three-Phase Circuit Using Free Oscillation Circuits
Holmes, PhilipA Short, Truncated, and Partial History of ChaosSpecial Lecture
Horikawa, YoExponential Transient Rotating Waves and Their Bifurcations in a Ring of Unidirectionally Coupled Bistable Lorenz Systems
Horio, Yoshihikoβ-expansion's Attractors Observed in A/D converters
In, VisarathNonlinear Channelizer for RF Communication
Inubushi, MasanobuCovariant Lyapunov Analysis of Chaotic Kolmogorov Flows and Time-correlation Function
Ishizaki, RyujiStatistical Properties of Fluctuation for Charged Fine Particles in an AC Trap
Kapitaniak, TomaszHow Chaotic (or Random) is the Dice Throw?
Kecik, KrzysztofChaos In Mechanical Systems. Selected Problems.
Kimura, MasayukiA Study on Intrinsic Localized Modes in a Macro-mechanical Cantilever Array with Tunable On-site Nonlinearity
Kohda, TohruBinary Sequences Using Chaotic Dynamics and Their Applications to Communications
Kokubu, HiroshiTopological-Computational Methods for Analyzing Global Dynamics and Bifurcations
Komatsu, NobuyoshiTime-Reversibility, Instability and Thermodynamics in N-body Systems Interacting with Long-Range Potentials
Kryzhevich, Sergey (canceled)Non-Uniform Hyperbolic Attractors in Near-Chattering Dynamics
Lacarbonara, WalterNonlinear Phenomena in Hysteretic Systems
Lan, Yueheng (canceled)The Breaking of Ergodicity in First-order Phase Transitions
Lenci, MarcoThe Idea of Infinite-Volume Limit for Some Notions of Mixing in Infinite Ergodic Theory
Lenci, StefanoControlling Nonlinear Dynamics of Systems Liable to Unstable Interactive Buckling
Longhini, PatrickModeling Coupled Serial Non-Uniform bi-SQUIDs
Luan, Le BaStability Analysis of a Steady State in Three Time-delayed Nonlinear Oscillators Coupled by a Static Connection
Mezic, IgorSpectral Theory of Nonlinear Fluid Flows Based on the Koopman operator
Miranda, Rodrigo A.Lagrangian Coherent Structures at the Onset of Permanent Spatiotemporal Chaos in the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations
Mischaikow, KonstantinA Combinatorial Framework for Nonlinear Dynamics
Miyano, TakayaAugmented Lorenz Equations as Physical Model for Chaotic Gas Turbine
Miyazaki, SyujiNetwork Analysis Based on Statistical-Thermodynamical Formalism
Matsui, KatsuhitoFluctuation-spectra of Few- and Large-degrees-of-freedom Chaotic Systems
Moehlis, JeffAn Energy Harvester For Broadband Vibrations
Moon, Francis C.Vibro-Wind Energy Scavenging: An Example of Nonlinear EngineeringSpecial Lecture
Morino, KaiAging Transitions in Multi-layer Networks of Coupled Oscillators
Mosekilde, Erik (canceled)Synchronization Structure in Kidney Autoregulation
Nakada, KazukiNoise-induced Phenomena in a Two Strongly Pulse-coupled Spiking Neuron Models
Nakajima, KojiDynamic Characteristics of Neuron Models and Active Areas in Potential Functions
Nakao, HiroyaPhase description of periodic solutions in reaction-diffusion systems
Namachchivaya, Navaratnam SriFrom Random to Data Driven Dynamical Systems: Application to the Lorenz-96 Atmospheric Model
Palacios, AntonioHeteroclinic Cycles in Coupled Systems with Applications to Sensor Devices
Pavlovskaia, EkaterinaChaotic Dynamics of Impact Oscillator with SMA Constraint
Pilarczyk, Pawel (canceled)Combinatorial Dynamics on Open Covers: Transitivity and Mixing
Putkaradze, VakhtangGeometric Approach to the Dynamics of Charged Strings
Rega, Giuseppe (canceled)Global Dynamics and Complexity: A Modern Perspective for the Analysis and Design of Mechanical/Structural Systems
Ruelle, DavidFrom the Theory of Chaos to Nonequilibrium Statistical MechanicsSpecial Lecture
Saiki, YoshitakaRelations between Statistical Values along Unstable Periodic Orbits in Differential Equation Systems
Sanjuan, Miguel A. F.Partial Control of Noisy Chaotic Transients Using Escape Times
Sato, MasayukiAnalysis of ILM Logic Operations via van der Pol Phase Planes
Selvarajoo, Kumar (canceled)The Cell Population Dynamics of Complex Immune Signaling Display Simple Rules
Shiro, MasanoriChaotic Properties in Musical Sounds
Susuki, YoshihikoDynamical Systems Methods for Electric Power Transmission: New Phenomenology and Future Smart Design
Takahashi, RyoInner Angles Made of Consecutive Three Points on a Circle for Chaotic and Random Series
Teramoto, HiroshiDynamical Switching of a Reaction Coordinate Triggered by Breakdown of a Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifold
Tsuchiya, MasaFinding Biological Roles of Averaging Effect of Large Numbers: The Existence of Genome Vehicles Guiding Cell Fate Decision
Tucker, WarwickValidated Numerics and Hilbert's 16th Problem
Ueda, YoshisukeHow a Broken Egg Attractor Has Influenced Dynamics of My Life?Special Lecture
Umeno, KenExactly Solvable Chaos and Codes for Communications and Analysis
Uzer, TurgayDouble Ionization with Intense Laser Pulses: Insights from Chaos Theory
Warminski, JerzyRegular and Chaotic Vibrations of Self-Excited Oscillators Driven by Parametric and External Excitations
Wells, John C.Tracking Chaotic Behavior in Environmental Hydraulics. Measurement Models for the Temporal Coefficients of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of Free-Surface Flows
Wiercigroch, MarianComplex Dynamics of Pendulums for Energy Harvesting
Woo, Ko-ChoongOptimised Progression Rates in Soil by means of Vibro-impact Motion
Yabuno, HiroshiStabilization of Buckled Beam with Coulomb Friction by High-Frequency Excitation
Yokoi, YuichiTolerance of Delayed Feedback Control for Maintaining Periodic Rotation
Yorke, JamesThe many facets of ChaosSpecial Lecture
Yoshikawa, KenichiSpontaneous Mode Selection of Self-Motile Object under Chemical Noneqilibricity
Yoshimura, KazuyukiStability of Discrete Breathers in Diatomic Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Type Lattices
Young, Lai-Sang (canceled)Shear-induced Chaos

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