IUTAM Symposium on 50 Years of Chaos : Applied and Theoretical

This symposium was ended successfully. We greatly appreciate your participation to it and valuable presentations. Each of your contributions made the symposium to be successful and fruitful. We hope this opportunity would be a cornerstone for you and the next 50 years of chaos theory.



International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Symposium Date:

Nov. 28 (Mon) - Dec. 2 (Fri), 2011


Kyoto University, Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto, JAPAN


Scope of Symposium:

The symposium will focus on the development of theory of dynamical systems and its application since the discovery of chaotic attractors in models of physical systems by Ueda (Japan) and Lorenz (USA) in early 1960's. Following Poincare's seminal work in 19th century, nonlinear dynamics was studied largely by mathematicians in Europe, USA, and USSR. The symposium title "50 Years of Chaos" reflects the computational discovery of chaotic attractors, which ushered in a new age of chaos and dynamical systems theory. This theory comprises a broad range of analytical, geometrical, topological, and numerical methods for analyzing differential equations and iterated mappings. Applications of modern dynamical systems theory are spreading beyond the mathematical and physical sciences, although attention will be focused on mechanical, engineering and mathematical aspects in this IUTAM symposium.



Special lectures are planned in the fields of chaos theory, fluid mechanics, and dynamical systems. Currently, We have five special lecturers:

Dr. David RuelleEmeritus Professor of IHESFrom the Theory of Chaos to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Dr. Yoshisuke UedaWaseda University and Emeritus Professor of Kyoto UniversityHow a Broken Egg Attractor Has Influenced Dynamics of My Life?
Dr. James YorkeProfessor of the University of Maryland, College ParkThe Many Facets of Chaos
Dr. Philip HolmesProfessor of Princeton UniversityA Short, Truncated, and Partial History of Chaos
Dr. Francis C. MoonProfessor of Cornell UniversityVibro-wind Energy Scavenging: An Example of Nonlinear Engineering

The total number of presentations is limited to 80, including oral and poster presentations. Interested colleagues are invited to submit abstracts to the symposium. The tentative technical program of the symposium is posted here (Updated August 25, 2011).


Important info for the symposium proceedings is posted on June 10, 2011. Please check this page.


Satellite Workshops

2011 Kyoto Workshop on NOLTA

RIMS Workshop: Frontiers in Dynamical systems and Topology

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