• Seating is limited (about 150), so on-line pre-registration is strongly recommended.
  • Important: Registration fee is free.
  • The webpage for on-line registration is closed. Thank you!

Workshop Reception

The reception for the IWSEM2010 is held on March 29. If you would like to join to the reception, please pay 3,000 yen (per person) at the on-site registration desk.

Poster Session

A poster session is held in order to exchange cutting-edge ideas of smart energy management among attendee from industry and academia. If you would like to present your own poster, please directly contact to the Chair (Professor Hikihara: see FrontPage for his contact address) as soon as possible.


Participants who need accommodation are strongly recommended to book their hotels as soon as possible, because the end of March is the highest sightseeing season in Kyoto. Enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms around Kyoto!

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