Research Topics

  • Theory of Nonlinear Dynamics and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

is a common research object in Prof Hikihara's laboratory. Our purpose here is twofold: Analysis and synthesis. One is to understand how dynamics emerge from nonlinearty of systems. The other is to establish how to control and synthesize them as engineering applications. Chaos is a famous nonlinear phenomenon resulting from nonlinearity, which was experimentally found in 1961 by Dr. Yoshisuke Ueda, Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University. Various nonlinear phenomena are also well known which include regular/subharmonic oscillations, local/global bifurcation, and smooth/fractal basin boudaries. Not only analysis of nonlinear phenomena and also control of nonlinear phenomena or synthesis of nonlinear systems is also our purpose of research. Delayed-feedback stabilization of magneto-elastic chaos was experimentally archived by Prof Hikihara [Hikihara and Kawagoshi, Phys. Lett. A. 211, 29 (1996)]. Koopman operator theory, which is an infinite-dimensional linear operator defined for nonlinear dynamical systems, in systems and control is pursed by Associate Prof Susuki [w/ Alexandre Mauroy and Igor Mezic (editors), The Koopman Operator in Systems and Control, Springer Nature, 2020]. We are currently active in studying the following topics on nonlinear dynamics and control:

  • Statistics of chaos;
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics described by infinite-dimensional systems;
  • Energy and entropy;
  • Operator-theoretic approaches such as Koopman and Perron-Frobenius operators;
  • Passivity based system design.
  • Power Conversion and Power Processing

is one of the applications of nonlinear dynamics and control focused by Prof Hikihara and Assistant Prof Mochiyama. We are currently studying the following topics:

  • Physical modeling of SiC power devices;
  • Application of SiC power devices to HF power conversion circuits;
  • Power packetization and its applications to robotics;
  • Power router for energy demand response;
  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems

is an avant-garde research direction in our group. We are currently studying the following topics:

  • Coupled MEMS sensors;
  • Sensor networks;
  • Energy harvesting.
  • Energy Systems and Electricity Grids

(in preparation)

Publication Lists

Most of our papers are published in English. You can download some of our archival journal articles. For recent activities, see Research Outcomes in the Japanese page.

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