Archival Journal Article

  • Ryo Takahashi, Yutaro Kitamori, and Takashi Hikihara , AC Power Local Network with Multiple Power Routers," Energies, MDPI (accepted).
  • Alexandros Kordonis and Takashi HIkihara, "Harmonic Reduction and Chaotic Operation towards Application of AC/AC Converter with Feedback Control" IEICE Trans-A (accepted).
  • Atsushi Yao and Takashi Hikihara, Counter operation in nonlinear micro-electro-mechanical resonators, Physics Letters A Volume 377, Issue 38, pp. 25512555, 2013.
  • Yoshihiko Susuki, Ryoya Kazaoka, and Takashi Hikihara, Physical architecture and model-based evaluation of electric power system with multiple homes, IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Vol. E96-A No. 8, (2013) pp. 1703-1711. pdf
  • So Miyatake, Yoshihiko Susuki, Takashi Hikihara, Syuichi Itoh, and Kenichi Tanaka, Discharge characteristics of multicell lithium-ion battery with nonuniform cells, Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 241, 1 November (2013), pp. 736-743. pdf
  • Akihiro Yamamoto, Masayuki Kimura, Takashi Hikihara, Indirect magnetic suspension by an actively controlled permanent magnet, Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE, Vol. 4 , No. 3 (2013) pp. 284-298. pdf
  • 南政孝,引原隆士,分散型電源の受動性に基づく目標値追従および系統連系制御手法ー瞬時電圧低下の耐性についてー,電気学会論文誌D,Vol.133, No. 7 (2013) 685-691.

International Conference Presentation

(* invited, keynote)

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