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Chair of Advanced Electrical Systems Theory (Prof Hikihara's Laboratory)


Welcome to the website of the Chair of Advanced Electrical Systems Theory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Kyoto University, Japan!

Currently, we are working on theory and practice of nonlinear dynamical systems and control, with strong emphasis on engineering applications, including power conversion and processing, nano-mechanical systems, robots, and energy systems. Our research covers from mathematical/physical sciences to technologies from devices, through circuits and systems, to networks (systems of systems). Collaborations between universities have been held flexibly worldwide depending on emergent topics.



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To Students from PIs

Our research is NOT the same as the traditional power electronics, motor drive-related, or power engineering approaches. Therefore, we do not accept students who intend to study conventional power engineering. We highly welcome students with backgrounds in applied mathematics, computational mathematics, physics, and control theory.

Students who wish to study in our laboratory should apply according to the Kyoto University's website. Please note that we will not reply to individual applications due to our busy schedule.

We appreciate your interest in our research activities.


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