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** Invited Lecture [#y2a1e404]

|Mar. 26, 2018|Professor Vakhtang Putkradze|
|Title|Variational approach to inertia, dissipation, and constraints realization|
|Abstract|We consider the problem of dissipative systems where the main part of dynamics can be described by Lagrangian methods. Such problems are frequently encountered in mechanical and electrical engineering problems. We shall focus mainly on the mechanical analogues of fluid-structure interaction, especially in the presence of friction. Variational approaches are particularly useful for deriving equations for arbitrary lagrangians.  We discuss a variational approach to the dynamics of porous media by incorporating viscous forces in the variational principle. To elucidate the physics and mathematics of the problem, we study some simplified cases such as a pendulum with a moving viscous droplet. We show that the analog of Darcy's law for porous media (velocity proportional to force) in these simplified models comes from the short-term convergence to a 'constraint manifold' in a singular perturbation problem and the following long-term dynamics on that manifold. The resulting Darcy's law can reduce to either holonomic or non-holonomic constraint for the motion, depending on the physical realization. We then discuss the relevance of our results to other dissipative systems and outline methods that can be useful for other applications in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. |
|Photo|&ref(Vakhtang2018.jpg,noimg); |

** Past (2006-) [#k245eb86]
|Oct.27, 2016|Professor Juan M. Rivas-Davila (Stanford Univ) |
|June 7, 2016| Prof. Hiroki Minami (NAIST)|
|Title|Noise shaping technique for control|
|June 17, 2014|Ayako Taniguchi(Osaka Univ.)|
|Nov. 8, 2013|Seminar|
||&ref(S20131109_ページ_1.jpg,noimg); &ref(S20131109_ページ_2.jpg,noimg);|
|Oct. 30. 2013| Prof. Nejila Parspour (Institute of Electrical Energy Conversion, University of Stuttgart)|
||Contactless Energy Transfer - Physical principles, technological set up and existing systems|
|Oct. 15. 2013| Prof. Igor Mezic (UCSB)|
||Analysis of Dynamical Systems Using Koopman Operator Methods|
|Oct. 29. 2008| Prof. Visarath In (San Diego State University)|
||Coupled Overdamped Bistable Systems and Applications|
||KiDS & GCOE|
|Oct. 1, 2008| Prof. Dr. Leo Lorenz (Infineon Technology)|
||Fast Switching Power Semiconductor Devices|
|Sept. 24, 2008|Prof. Joachim Oberhammer (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)|
||FRF and microwave MEMS activities at KTH Royal Institute of Technology|
|May 23, 2008|Prof. Ho Bun Chan (Univ. of Florida)|
||Fluctuational phenomena in micromechanical systems - from Casimir effect to activated switching |
|April 4, 2008|Prof. Vakhtang Putkaradze (Colorado State Univ.)|
||Continuum models for self-organization of micro- and nano-particles and dynamical models for biological curves|
|Jun. 20, 2007| Dr. Akio Hasegawa (ATR)|
||Wireless Networks and Their Nonlinearity|
|Mar. 31, 2007| Prof. Marian Wiercigroch (University of Aberdeen, College of Physical Sciences)|
||Dynamics of Non-smooth Systems|
|Mar. 11, 2007| Prof. Toru Namerikawa (Kanazawa University)|
||Topics on Control Engineering (in Japanese)|
|Dec.  7, 2006| Dr. Pawel Pilarcyzk (Kyoto University, Mathematics Department)|
|| Computational Dynamics and Cubical Homology|
|Aug. 17, 2006| Prof. Igor Mezic (Mechanical Engineering Department, University of California, Santa Barbara)|
||Biomolecules as nonlinear oscillators: Life-enabling dynamics|
|Jul. 12, 2006| Prof. Vakhtang Putkaradze (Colorado State University, Mathematics Department)|
|| Mathematical models of self-aggregation of particles at nano-scales (or cheerios at 50 nanometers)|
|Jun. 23, 2006| Prof. Juan Carlos Balda (University of Arkansas)|
||The Next Generation of Power Electronics Interfaces for High Power and High Voltage Distribution System Applications |
|May. 23, 2006| Prof. Alan Mantooth (University of Arkansas)|
||Silicon Carbide Research Into High-Voltage Power Electronics for Extreme Environments|

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