** from Professor Hikihara [#u4a4caf0]

[Prospective students, researchers, and others]

We are seeking for postdoc researchers and candidates of PhD students.  The possibilities will be conformed based on their research activities and skill.  We will encourage the expected researchers to contact with us.  The expected fields are out of power engineering.  Recently our research activities are 
focused on nonlinear dynamics, nanotechnology, MEMS, and novel researches on power electronics related to environmental technology.  The conventional topics in power electronics, motor drive, power conversion, applications in power system are not our concern.  The students who are interested in these conventional fields are strongly recommended to contact with other universities. 

Unfortunately, we will not prepare any scholarship for the master course students even if they pass the entrance exam.  The application to the scholarship is not the lab matter.  We will not accept the student 
who are initially requesting it at the entrance.

The temporal visit of undergraduate students will not be accepted by our university even if they have scholarship.

Under construction..........

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